Roberta Vienneau


The Homeopathic Session

The Role of the Homeopath

The role of the homeopath is to provide safe, professional, and responsible therapeutic care, both autonomously and in collaboration with other health-care professionals. 

The homeopath welcomes the client as an equal participant in the therapeutic partnership and shares relevant information with him/her, with a view to empowering the client throughout the homeopathic process.

What We Do & Why We Do It

It can be said that a large source of stress in life  is the result of a type of "stasis",  often due to an inability of the organism to fully respond and/or pass through the turmoil involved during major life challenges (in other words, an inability to fully adapt to situations and evolve),  for whatever the reason. 

The challenge, the response, the vitality, and thus the parameters of adaptation and evolution, are always unique to the person, for every person's essential nature is unique.

Homeopaths are health-care practitioners who are specially trained to observe and assess the unique parameters that describe and define the essential nature of the client in relation to what is troubling him/her, and to match those parameters with a homeopathic prescription.

 It is important to remember that the  organism is charged with re-establishing order (homeostasis), whether or not it successfully passes through the turmoil of adaptation--- but without successful adaptation, the organism will re-establish homeostasis  by giving up a part of its freedom and functioning (the signs and symptoms of dis-ease).  This results in a sometimes unnatural and/or unnecessary limiting of options and choice at any or all levels of one's being, from physical to spiritual. 


The aim of homeopathic treatment (the homeopathic session together with the homeopathic prescription) is to restore the individual  to a level of order, harmony, functioning, and freedom that was previously experienced.  It can even at times transform his/her life.

The System of Homeopathy

Although homeopathy is a complete system, it does not stand alone, nor does it take the place of any one type of professional treatment, allopathic or other.  It is a complementary system that both supports and extends the professional treatment choices offered to individuals as part of any complete health-care system.

The homeopathic profession is a regulated profession in the province of Ontario since April 2015.  As such, the title of Homeopath can only be used by those persons duly registered and licensed with the College of Homeopaths of Ontario.

When you book a consultation:  what to expect

1. I will send you a "New Client Package" by e-mail if possible.  I would like you to complete the Intake Document and Consent Form and return these documents to me by return e-mail a few days before your scheduled appointment.  If this is not possible, we will complete the forms when you come. 

2.  The initial session usually lasts about 2 hours; if a follow-up session is suggested, it would usually last about an hour.

3. After the initial session, I do a thorough case review.  This may take a few days to complete before I select your homeopathic prescription, especially if this is a chronic condition.   When your remedy is ready for pick-up, I will call you.  (If I have to specially order your remedy, it may take a week or so to come in.)  Note: A homeopathic prescription is usually a single homeopathic remedy, taken once, but the prescription may, albeit rarely,  include other supportive  suggestions as well, depending on the case.

4.  For a chronic case, a follow-up session is usually scheduled to take place about 4 weeks later.  The follow-up session allows us to track the action of the homeopathic prescription together, monitoring and/or adjusting the prescription as necessary. 

5.   Please note that all information you provide is held in the strictest confidentiality.

6.  The fee structure is listed further along on this website.  Cash, cheque, visa or mastercard is accepted.

7. Please notify me at least 24 hours in advance if you wish to cancel or re-schedule.